Date: 1/12/21 7:33 am
From: 'bill butler' via Birders <birders...>
Subject: Re: [birders] Hawk poop
Allen's post matches the observations of our domestic ducks who quickly taught me to never, ever get caught out on the southern end of a northwards oriented female duck.

Since I only saw the "firehose" phenomenon in females, it suggests to me that the muscles used are the same ones that facilitate the expulsion of eggs.

Normally the ducks would excrete a small "plop" every hour or two and it rarely had a noticeable odor. When the females got broody, they would stay on the nest and retain fecal matter for most of the day or night before walking some distance from the nest to emitting an amazing quantity of noxious waste. Even after weeks of occupation during laying and incubation, the nests remained meticulously free of fecal matter.

Bill Butler

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