Date: 1/11/21 5:51 pm
From: suresh t <tsuresh0...>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Swamp Sparrow - Palo Alto Baylands - Sun 10-Jan

I saw the Peregrine Falcon chase down the duck after it fell from the sky
(literally). Based on the other thread, it looks like Falcon was fighting
with a Harrier for the duck and I am guessing the Harrier let go of the

pics below showing the Falcon swooping down to grab the duck (you can see
the duck in the bottom right corner) and settling down on the wood railing.

[image: PFalcon Duck DSC_1526.jpeg][image: PFalcon Duck DSC_1536.jpeg]

On Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 1:23 PM Brooke Miller via <idbirds=
<> wrote:

> At 10:16 this morning I saw a/the SWAMP SPARROW from along the trail that
> parallels the Palo Alto Airport runway, about 50 yds south of the big green
> bush, about where a white 6 ft tall marker in the marsh, but closer to the
> trail. This was about 1/2 hour after high tide. On at least one other
> occasion, in the few years past, I also saw a swamp sparrow here about 1/2
> hour after high tide (for whatever it’s worth). There were no rails
> vocalizing this morning, which seemed odd to me, although I did see one
> SORA at about the same time the Swamp Sparrow showed itself. When I got
> back to my car and was finishing my eBird list, I noticed a PEREGRINE
> FALCON with a duck in its talons, along the falling apart stretch of boards
> that run parallel to the boardwalk.
> Brooke Miller
> San Jose

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