Date: 1/11/21 5:48 pm
From: Brian Bockhahn (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Cumberland County CBC results
The 12th Cumberland County CBC was held on December 17, 2020 under clear
skies, light winds and temperatures from 36-51 degrees. 13 counters in
nine parties and one feeder watcher tallied a RECORD SMASHING 97 species
(average of 82) and 4,613 total birds (average 7,273) led by 693 American
Robin, 342 Chipping Sparrow and 292 Canada Goose. Recent weather was very
November like, so lots of lingering birds but also we had a good influx of
waterfowl and finches into the area, a perfect storm for a CBC record
breaker here.

First record birds include a pair of American Black Duck in dawn flights
from a swamp off Swamp Road; two separate Anhinga seen minutes apart at
ponds along I295 and a female Indigo Bunting in a sparrow flock on a power
line by private land.

Other goodies include second count record Sedge Wren, third count record
Green-winged Teal and a Black-and-white Warbler; fourth count record Merlin
and Baltimore Oriole and two parties with fifth record Great Egret. And
always impressive was an OCTET or EIGHTSOME of Woodpecker species!!

Misses include Barred Owl (2nd time missed), Fish Crow (first time missed),
Orange-crowned Warbler, Palm Warbler, Common Yellowthroat and White-crowned

Mark your calendars for next year’s count Thursday December 16, 2021

Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Brian Bockhahn

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