Date: 1/11/21 12:53 pm
From: Brian Bockhahn (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Haw River CBC results
The 1st Haw River Christmas Bird Count was held on Dec 22, 2021 with
temperatures ranging from 41-54 under clear skies, no precipitation, but
strong wind midday made things challenging.

15 observers in 9 parties and 2 feeder counters tallied an impressive 84
species (8 year average at Mayo River is 75!). Every group had some
exclusive species, so besides great counters we have a decent spread of
habitat. We tallied 4,206 total birds (Mayo River average 3,686) led by
395 European starling, 349 Canada Goose, 328 American Crow and 226 Eastern

What fun to have 84 first count record birds! But for rare finds, we have
a few things not on the Mayo River count 8 year checklist, a single Snow
Goose at Brooks Lake, Merlin in the Iron Ore Belt Access area (IOBA), a
single Double-crested Cormorant seen in flight over the summit center,
Northern Shoveler in a pond north of IOBA, Bonaparte’s Gull over Lake
Reidsville, two parties with Horned Lark at Benaja Road and Brooks lake,
both sites also had White-crowned Sparrow. Three parties had Common Raven,
a nice showing for not much elevation in the circle.

Misses include Hooded Merganser, Eastern Screech Owl (I tried hard, wind?),
Red-headed Woodpecker, Blue-headed Vireo, Gray Catbird, Cedar Waxwing (!!),
Fox Sparrow (!!!), Rusty Blackbird and Common Grackle are flocked and easy
to miss, but this year we should have had Pine Siskin or an Evening
Grosbeaks. Get your feeders ready for next year.

Thank you all so much for your help! GREAT JOB!!!

After talking with super ranger Lindsey, we think we would like to try to
hold and invite you to help out at a spring bird count. Hopefully some of
you can help and cover the same areas, diversity will be much higher!

Mark your calendars

Haw River Spring Bird Count Saturday May 1, 2021

Haw River Christmas Bird Count December 22, 2021 *tentative* but likely

Brian Bockhahn

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