Date: 1/11/21 6:16 am
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Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] The "Angel" Redpoll of Thompson's Point
Hi Larry,

Wow...I would have really struggled with your bird. When I first saw the Charlotte bird, I was sort of thinking...have I ever ACTUALLY seen a Hoary Redpoll now that I know what one really looks like. But, replaying the sighting back in my head, it seemed like it had to be a leucistic individual. I was so glad to see the pictures that the Fauchers posted.

Your bird is definitely a much more challenging ID.

All the best,

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Thanks for sharing this, Allan, what a gorgeous bird! And this year, probably more rare than a Hoary Redpoll!

I saw a similar (although slightly less frosty) bird during a past redpoll eruption, 10 years ago, that got me really excited. Chip Darmstadt was the one who helped me determine it to be a leucistic individual, but it really stood out and got my heart beating! Some photos of that individual are in the links below.

Good birding,

On Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 7:59 PM Allan Strong <Allan.Strong...> wrote:

> Hi VT Birders,
> Over the last few days there has been a tremendous redpoll flock on
> Thompson's Point Road in Charlotte. There have been a number of
> reports of Hoary Redpolls from the area and one individual in
> particular has given new meaning to the concept of "frosty." I was
> with Clem Nilan when I saw this bird and we were both really amazed by
> how light this bird was. Luckily, Marc and Peggy Faucher got a couple
> pictures of this bird and they were kind enough to allow me to post
> their photos on the always enlightening "Finches, Irruptions, and Mast Crops" Facebook page.
> The consensus from all who responded to the post was that this
> individual was not a Hoary Redpoll, but presumably a leucistic Common
> Redpoll, which apparently has a cool vernacular name - the Angel Redpoll.
> Although not a Hoary Redpoll, this is a really stunning bird, and
> worth a look. Given the number of Hoary Redpolls that are being seen
> this year, there may be others in this flock.
> All the best,
> Allan
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