Date: 1/10/21 4:59 pm
From: Allan Strong <Allan.Strong...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] The "Angel" Redpoll of Thompson's Point
Hi VT Birders,

Over the last few days there has been a tremendous redpoll flock on Thompson's Point Road in Charlotte. There have been a number of reports of Hoary Redpolls from the area and one individual in particular has given new meaning to the concept of "frosty." I was with Clem Nilan when I saw this bird and we were both really amazed by how light this bird was. Luckily, Marc and Peggy Faucher got a couple pictures of this bird and they were kind enough to allow me to post their photos on the always enlightening "Finches, Irruptions, and Mast Crops" Facebook page.

The consensus from all who responded to the post was that this individual was not a Hoary Redpoll, but presumably a leucistic Common Redpoll, which apparently has a cool vernacular name - the Angel Redpoll.

Although not a Hoary Redpoll, this is a really stunning bird, and worth a look. Given the number of Hoary Redpolls that are being seen this year, there may be others in this flock.
All the best,
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