Date: 1/10/21 11:41 am
From: Elizabeth Fedorko <elizabethholcombefedorko...>
Subject: [va-bird] Your Bucket List USA Birding Spots Suggestions
I have enjoyed reading your emails about various places you enjoy birding
in the Commonwealth. We have been limited to where we bird due to hubby's
job. However I am thrilled to say he will be retiring at the end of April
and we are excited about expanding our birding horizons in the USA.
To date we have birded for 8 years and only in eastern/coastal Va plus a
little in Skyline Drive, Delaware, southern NJ, and the Our Banks of NC.
These are fab places and we want to explore them more when time is pretty
much our own. That said we would invite any suggestions of places that we
MUSt go to in the USA. We are up for anywhere and are planning (God
willing) a western road trip in September to October. I;ve read numerous
birding memoirs, naturalist memoirs and have a decent lay of the "birding"
land but I defer to you all for places we must visit to bird.

Thank you very much in advance and Good Birding to you all!

Cheers! Dan and Beth Fedorko
Falls Church, VA

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