Date: 1/10/21 9:49 am
From: Goodwin, Tommy J. (Student) <tjgbp7...>
Subject: EVENING GROSBEAKS Marquand, Madison County
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Good morning,

Our family just got back from viewing the group of Evening Grosbeaks frequenting the bird feeders at Mary Warren’s residence at Castor River Ranch just outside of Marquand, Madison County, MO. Mary was a gracious host and told us that she is willing to host birdwatchers to come see the grosbeaks as long as they give her advance notice. The contact info that she shared is <mwarren2...> and her landline at 573-783-4061.

While talking to Mary, she explained that a single bird arrived about 3 weeks ago but additional birds arrived over time. I believe she said she has had at least 15 at one time, but we for sure viewed at least 10 (5 males and 5 females at one time). She also expressed that the birds are most frequently seen between 8 and 11 and rarely afterwards, but most reliably around 8:30.

The checklist from this morning with photos can be found at:

Tommy J. Goodwin Jr.
St. Charles, MO

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