Date: 1/10/21 9:14 am
From: Audry Nicklin <amnicklin...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Full Day Of Birding - Highlights
Hi everyone,

Yesterday was the first time Connor and I birded from sun up to sun down and we were able to cover a lot of ground. We started at Ed Levin by the Elm picnic area and quickly located a GREAT HORNED OWL. Later we bumped into Matthew and Cricket who pointed out a second one. We also saw a group of CANADA GEESE who flew overhead with a GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE alongside them. It was also a good day for woodpeckers. a female NUTTALS'S WOODPECKER was picking at some bark out in the open. We waited for the Osprey for a bit, but it didn't show in the time we were there. ( ebird list S78963038 ( ) )

From there we stopped by Curtner Elementary school to check out the redwoods for a BALD EAGLE. We were lucky and there was an adult present in the top of one. It flew off and I managed some pictures. Unfortunately one of its wings was out of the frame in every picture. I know some of you feel my pain. ( ebird list S78948827 ( ) )

Our next stop was Lick Mill Park where I was able to locate the HERMIT WARBLER pretty quickly in the pines next to the tennis courts. Connor took a nap in the car while I hunted around the berry-filled bushes. There was lots of activity in them and I saw at least two, though there were probably more HERMIT THURSHES. I also watched a BEWICK'S WREN hunting in the spider webs along the fence, and a had a pretty good look at a CALIFORNIA TOWHEE. ( ebird list S78952557 ( ) )

From there we stopped by Shoreline Lake for just a moment to look for the Brant. Didn't see it. (I'm pretty sure that Brant only likes to be there in the mornings.) We did get to watch a RED-TAILED HAWK eat a COOT. There was a COOPER'S HAWK nearby. At first I thought the Cooper's wanted to steal the coot, but upon reviewing my pictures I saw that there was blood on the Cooper's Hawk's feathers. I think the Red-tailed must have stolen the coot from the Cooper's. ( ebird list S78963029 ( ) )

We moved on to the Kite Flying Area and saw two BURROWING OWLS and the strangest colored ROCK PIGEON I'd ever seen. It's wings were light orange and the rest of it was lavender. One of the ground squirrels briefly chased the pigeon. Never seen a pigeon run (not fly) away from a squirrel. It was pretty entertaining. ( ebird list S78962923 ( ) )

We decided to check out Geng Road for all the recent rarities, but missed out on all of them. At one point while I was looking down at my phone, a WHITE-CROWNED Sparrow landed so close to me that when I looked up and saw it, I jumped. It let me take a nice picture of it. ( ebird list S78972060 ( ) )

We had and hour and a half before sunset at this point, so we stopped by the Baylands near the nature center. The big dirt lot was roped off for some reason, but were were able to find parking past the bridge. When I looked over the bridge I was surprised to see a RIDWAY'S RAIL out in the open foraging. We got a good long look at it until a GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL flew overhead, frightening every bird in area. Rails are pretty fast runners. A little later when we walked towards the building that looks like a boat, we saw a second RIDGWAY'S RAIL forging in the large channel to the south. The tide was extremely low at this point, so it was also out in the open. (ebird list S78972052) ( )

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