Date: 1/10/21 8:11 am
From: Daniel Scheiman <birddan...>
Subject: Re: Our celebrity duck continues
There is a male Surf Scoter on a private pond in Phillips Co. It has been
there for days, doesn¹t fly, so it may be sick or injured.

Dan Scheiman
Little Rock, AR

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The Surf Scoter first observed at Lake Sequoyah in Fayetteville on December
4, 2020, by Todd Ballinger, continues. Vivek Govind Kumar and I saw it
yesterday. It is still in same area, in broad expanse of the lake¹s south
end, visible by looking SE from the old White River bridge.
Birders visiting Lake Sequoyah often also drive to the bait shop and scan
the area of the lake south of the current 1-lane bridge. While there
yesterday, we encountered Dr David Krementz, retired from US Fish and
Wildlife Service and Arkansas Coop Unit, UA-Fayetteville. He is the American
Woodcock expert who has generously led many past Northwest Arkansas Audubon
Society field trips to see woodcocks. He knows waterfowl.
Concerning the Surf Scoter, he said the fact that it had remained on Lake
Sequoyah could be explained by relatively mild weather causing waterfowl to
linger over a huge area in the eastern US. Or, maybe, has lead shot
impacting its health.
I am old enough to remember when seeing a Surf Scoter was a very big deal in
Arkansas. I think I may have seen the state¹s second record as ³recently² as
the early 1980s. We have collected numerous records since, from all over the
state. But with all that said, and questions about this bird, I still take
great joy in seeing ³our celebrity duck² (Vivek gets credit the phrase).

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