Date: 1/9/21 3:06 pm
From: Leslie Flint <lflint...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Adult Ferruginous Hawk along Stage Road today 1/9 plus a few other nice birds
Hi all, this morning I made my 4th/5th? attempt to see the Ferruginous Hawk that had been reported and seen by many along Pescadero Road between Water Lane and town. I didn’t see it. So I drove around checking fields and hillsides near town to no avail. Finally I headed down Stage Road - Ginny Marshall had seen a Ferrug fly over when she was looking for the Sapsucker at 1650 Stage Road this week. I drove past that spot along the section where there are huge Eucalyptus trees and the the road makes a sharp left turn. I stopped and checked the ridgeline and saw several birds flying, one of which was very white; I saw a white tail so jumped out and by the time I got my scope set up, all the birds were out of sight. I scoped the grassland below the ridge and there was the Ferruginous Hawk. It apparently had prey so stayed in one spot for quite a while. I took some photos but the distance was very far; now that I downloaded the photos, such as they are, I could see that the bird had rufous leggings, making it an adult. Here is my eBird checklist. <> I have more terrible pics of the bird if you want to see them!

From there I drove up to Lower La Honda Creek OSP where it was very quiet. I did see the Loggerhead Shrike reported recently on the wires near the big water tank. From there I went to Reflection Pond which has had some changes…sections of the reeds have been bulldozed and a trail created behind the pond. Not sure if that is a great idea since birds were easily flushed by noisy hikers. However I counted at least 26 Hooded Mergansers! Amazing.

Early this morning I stopped at the pond opposite Bob’s Produce Stand but could not see the swans. On the way home I drove up Verde Road and scoped from there. The 4 swans were in north corner of the pond which you can’t see from Hwy 1, especially when there are cows obscuring the view.

Beautiful day on the coast.

Leslie Flint
San Mateo

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