Date: 1/9/21 9:02 am
From: Caitlin Chock <caitlin.crash...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Byxbee Park Friday 1/8/21
Yesterday (Friday) afternoon I made a quick stop by Byxbee which ended up being longer than planned as it was quite a nice day out.

As I got out of my car at the parking lot near the volunteer center (across from the Duck Pond), a huge flock of 500-600 BONAPARTE'S GULLS erupted out of the water treatment plant, with most of them flying out towards the bay.

I did a loop around the west side of Byxbee, with the intent of looking for the Rock Wren (not found). An immature BALD EAGLE scared up all the Canada Geese in the park, and a PEREGRINE FALCON followed and harassed it as it circled around and headed back South. The Peregrine returned and made a spectacular mid-air catch of a passing Northern Shoveler, but the duck escaped after 3 RED-TAILED HAWKS tried to steal it from the Peregrine. Other raptors in the area were 3 NORTHERN HARRIERS, a male AMERICAN KESTREL on the way into Byxbee, a WHITE-TAILED KITE in the marsh to the south.

Also of note was a female EURASIAN WIGEON in Mayfield Slough with a few American Wigeons.

Checklists can be found here, but sadly I didn't have my camera with me :( / /

Happy birding and stay safe,

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