Date: 1/9/21 9:00 am
From: Ronald Zigler <ronaldzigler...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Royalton Evening Grosbeaks
I had an opportunity to see and photograph the Evening Grosbeaks in Royalton yesterday. As advertised, there is an impressive gathering of these birds and the people with feeders are very friendly and welcoming. Since I arrived early, the resident informed me that the largest gathering usually begins around 10:30 AM and last till about 12:30 PM. She suggested that I look for the Red-shouldered Hawk up the hill on Fye Hill Rd so I took a walk up that hill.. I did not see the hawk, but instead found another feeder near the road with a small flock of about 12 Grosbeaks feeding there. The lighting was great for photos so I spent most of my time at that feeder. The link below is to an album of the images captured yesterday at this feeder.
Eventually, I went back down the hill and observed the larger flock that was beginning to arrive. I had another friendly chat with one of the homeowners who indicated he was going through 100 pounds of seed a week. I told him that must be why I have not seen these birds in the southern part of the state. They are being so well fed in Royalton ; )
Here is that link below
Ron ZiglerHolland, MA

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