Date: 1/9/21 5:25 am
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Subject: Re: Common Goldeneye-Clemson SC
Hello, Kent.
Debra and I stopped briefly by the goldeneye site yesterday afternoon, and the bird was present.  In fact, we saw it as we were still walking from the car toward the water's edge.  There were also ten Hooded Mergansers with which the goldeneye has been loosely associating.
GPS can easily take you to the coordinates in this eBird posting:;!!OToaGQ!9hGiqty57maPTsw2AtYYT2D0F5CjEC6KsY0TIew3PIWEeZr-RLX9L6d5erbJDvTKu5g$

Park off the road in a small utility pulloff and walk to the right of the road to the water.  The Common Goldeneye has usually been found at the far end away from the road, sometimes among tree limbs in the water, but usually visible with scope.
Be in touch if you need more info.

Steve Patterson

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Subject: Common Goldeneye-Clemson SC

Good morning
Is the goldeneye in Clemson at an accessible public area to be seen?  Any details would be appreciated, coming through that area this am.
Thanks in advance.

R Kent Bedenbaugh
Columbia SC
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