Date: 1/8/21 2:39 pm
From: Kathleen McGall via <katom882002...>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Bird id help
HI again,I appreciate the responses to this on Bewick's wren.I thought it might be a bewicks wren but this was not brown nor did it have any patterns.Are bewicks wrens sometimes grey/black rather than brown? The only matching feature for this bird was the eyebrow, is it possible there are other variations (seasonal or juvenile stage) that might match this description for a Bewick's wren or something else.
Thank you!Kathleen

On Friday, January 8, 2021, 12:55:29 PM PST, Kathleen McGall via <katom882002...> wrote:

HI! I do not post generally.I just saw a cute bird in my backyard in west Mountain View.It was smaller than a sparrow, mostly solid grey with slightly darker wings, a long, white eyebrow and stubby possibly upright tail. The tail could have been a little darker than grey.It flew into my dwarf lemon tree and then also took a brief "dirt" bath by the tree.It was very tiny and cute and was in and out before I could attempt to get a picture.
I tried looking it up in my Sibley and did not immediately find it.
I would appreciate your help in knowing what possible bird this could be. I understand if there is too little information to determine.
Thank you!Kathleen

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