Date: 1/8/21 12:18 pm
From: Bard Prentiss <bvanwoert13...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Dryden Lake may be in danger
The Dryden Lake that we know and love is in serious danger of
reverting to

its primitive original form as a shallow pond.

The dam is beginning to leak a bit and its current owner NYS DEC

may not wish to spend the money for a proper replacement of concrete

nor are they interested in repairing and maintaining the current dam.

The town is also resistant to assuming the costs and responsibility

either idea, although there has been a dam there since the late1700s.

It is unlikely given the way things happen these days that the dam

be allowed to just rot away. It will probably have to be destroyed

for liability reasons, and the lake drained to primitive levels.

Such action would dramatically effect the lives of persons throughout

region. The lake would, in effect, become relatively useless to its

large, diverse crop of users. It would have little appeal to the large

of boaters currently dotting its waters throughout the warmer

months. Its shallow nature would limit the species of fish that

could live there to pan fish.

The current Dryden Lake Park would be difficult to justify and the

would have little relationship to the remaining pond.

The current lake’s great value to birders and naturalists

would be seriously reduced.

The lake attracts thousands of visitors yearly

for all the activities mentioned above as well as for public

picnicking and relaxing.

The loss of the lake would have a major economic impact on the region.

It would be truly serious for the area to loose Dryden Lake.

We can’t let it happen!

Attached is a resolution by the Town of Dryden

Conservation Board.

To strengthen the case for keeping a dam individuals might write to

the NYSDEC Region 7, Fisher Ave, Cortland, N Y 13045 and the

Dryden Town Board, 93 E Main St. Dryden, N Y 13053 expressing

the importance of the lake to them personally.

PS: Feel free to post this any where it might further spread the word.

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