Date: 1/7/21 8:04 pm
From: Garrett Lau <Garrett.Lau...>
Subject: Re: [southbaybirds] Short-eared Owl and Phainopepla at Stanford Dish Trail
That's interesting. At 4:45pm today, I saw the Phainopepla further
east, at 37.406628, -122.175724. From 5:05pm to 5:20pm both yesterday
and today, I looked for the Short-eared Owl at the location that Adam
reported, but I didn't see it.

Anyone interested in looking for these birds should be aware that the
3.3-mile Stanford Dish loop trail is one-way in the counter-clockwise
direction, and that anyone not affiliated with Stanford is not allowed
to park on the Stanford campus.

Garrett Lau

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 6:54 PM Emilie Danna <emilie.danna...> wrote:
> Thanks Adam for sharing the location of the Phainopepla! I saw it this afternoon around 4pm in a similar location: 37.411716, -122.185391 at the top of an oak tree with a lot of mistletoe, and also on the lone tree on the other side of the trail. See photo attached.
> On Tue, Jan 5, 2021 at 7:20 PM Adam Burnett <adamburnett33...> wrote:
>> At about 5:05 PM today, I saw a SHORT-EARED OWL at the Stanford Dish Trail. It was hunting over a field near the easternmost extent of the trail (here: 37.406,-122.166), and was still putting on a show when I left 15 minutes later.
>> Another big highlight was the continuing immature male PHAINOPEPLA found here by Sergey Pavlov on the Palo Alto Christmas Bird Count. He saw it near the Dish itself, but today it was at (37.41098,-122.19045), along the spur trail leading down to the Piers Lane gate, about 500 feet downhill of the cattle grate where the trail crosses the fence, and about 0.4 miles uphill from the parking area along Alpine Road. The bird was perching conspicuously on top of oaks and other small trees, sometimes right next to the trail.
>> Other notable birds included a flock of 9 LARK SPARROWS along the same Piers Lane spur trail, a hooting GREAT HORNED OWL, and a singing CALIFORNIA THRASHER. My eBird list has more details and some poor photos:
>> Adam Burnett
>> Stanford

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