Date: 1/7/21 7:09 pm
From: Josh Bruening <87211jjb...>
Subject: [cobirds] Possible first-cycle Western Gull-Warren Lake-Fort Collins-Larimer

I had occasion to briefly stop by Warren Lake this afternoon. About 120
gulls were loafing on the ice between the pockets of aerated open water.
One first cycle gull caught my eye as it was large and not as uniform in
color as the nearby first-cycle Herring Gulls. Size-wise it was relative
to the Herring Gulls had pinkish legs that were easily distinguished from
the yellow legs of the smaller Lesser Black-backed Gulls that were in close
proximity. Though my photos are not crisp, I think there is enough there
to call this a Western Gull. I compared my photos with those that Ted
Floyd took at Waneka Lake in Boulder County in late November and to my eye
they look darn close. This could also be the Larus sp. that Nick Komar had
at Carter Lake in Loveland and few nights ago. The bird has very dark,
long primaries. The tail was quite dark and the photo I took of the tail
fanned out seemed to match up with Ted's photo of the bird in flight well.
Perhaps the bird has molted a few more scaps since then but overall it
looked similar. The bill was noticeably thicker than the Herring Gulls.
All black with maybe a hint of pale coloring near the base of the lower
mandible. Tertials were dark with light edges. The scaps and all coverts
look right to me. I have tried to copy and paste my photos in the text here
but for whatever reason they are not copying correctly. So, I have
included my ebird checklist with photos below for review.

If there are any Larophiles out there that can lend some eyes to the
photos, I would greatly appreciate the input.

Bird is the word!

Josh Bruening
Fort Collins

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