Date: 1/7/21 5:43 pm
From: Jane Tatchell <Jane...>
Subject: Re: [pen-bird] eBird request - changing auto selected location to Hotspot while using mobile app
Recent updates to the Android version of eBird now provide suggested locations rather than defaulting to an automatic new point. That's a big help as it suggests existing nearby hotspots (and personal locations) so you don't get so many blue pins! If that change hasn't yet made it onto Apple devices, I'm sure it will soon.

Good (e)Birding,

Jane Tatchell, Redwood City

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Hello San Mateo County eBirders,


I have an  eBird related request……When using eBird mobile in the field, please remember to change the “Auto Selected” location (that is automatically chosen at the start of your birding session), to a pre-existing Hotspot if you know what that Hotspot is.


When you reach the change/select a location screen using the app.,  you have 3 tab choices on the screen to see what locations are available. “Recent”,  “Nearby” and “Map”. For visiting birders, less familiar with our county, I strongly suggest using the “Map” option to help you decide which location to use.  This option shows not only the markers on the map, but it also shows you where you are in relation to those markers. Blue markers are personal locations. Orange markers are Hotspots.  


I think most local birders know what Hotspot they are birding in. However, I think some just simply forget to make the change as I am seeing many checklists coming through with the “auto selected” locations.


I have attached an image to this email to give an idea of how blue auto-selected markers are populating the eBird map. In this case I searched on CB Chickadee reports at Burleigh Murray SP. You can see there are 13 checklists that used the blue auto-selected marker.  The data contained in those checklists would better serve eBird users if they had been changed to the Burleigh Murray Hotspot. Using a Hotspot for a location like Burleigh Murray helps users to see all the data that has been collected for that hotspot over time. 


If you know you have forgotten to change your auto selected locations to a pre-existing Hotspot at the end of your birding session, please try to take the time to change your location to the Hotspot.


Below is information from the online eBird help files about using Hotspots vs. personal locations:


When should I use a Hotspot instead of a personal location?

Hotspots are a useful way to aggregate results for popular birding locations. However, you should not always use a Hotspot for your checklist. But do use an eBird Hotspot when it accurately represents your entire checklist. 


Use a personal location in any situation where no existing Hotspot precisely describes your location or route. If you think that personal location should be a Hotspot in the future, suggest it to eBird's Hotspot Reviewers!


How do I merge a personal location with an existing Hotspot?

If you make a personal location for your checklist(s) in the field, then later realize an existing Hotspot would have been equally appropriate for those lists, you can merge your personal location with that Hotspot. This will move all checklists from that personal location to the Hotspot instead. This process  should only be done if the Hotspot you are merging with is an accurate, precise, and your checklists. 


Thank You!

Malia DeFelice

eBird – Data and Hotspot Reviewer

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