Date: 1/7/21 8:39 am
From: birdrecords <birdrecords...>
Subject: [NHBirds] The Twitchers Go Viral
The Twitchers will be competing in the modified Semi-Superbowl of Birding but there will the three teams instead of just one. (We have to split up because of COVID-19). Each Twitcher team has its own name and town so competition for the Townie Award will be fierce and FUN.

Team 1: Becky Suomala will be the "Townie Solitaire" (aka The Lone Twitcher) as a team of one in Seabrook.
Team 2: Pam Hunt (who started the Twitchers) is coming out of retirement to form the team "Birding with Impunity" with Unity Dienes in the Twitchers' home town of Rye.
Team 3: Susan Wrisley is teaming up with Jenna Pettipas as "Twitch-n-Dip" in Hampton, NH.

The Twitcher teams will again be accepting pledges and you can pledge towards any and all teams. All monies go to NHeBird and New Hampshire Bird Records. Pledges can be per species, per point (rare species earn more points), per team; they can be creative or a flat amount.

For more information or to pledge on-line (and pay if it's a flat amount) go to:

You can also just email me with a pledge

Thanks and good luck to ALL the Superbowl teams!

Becky Suomala, for all the Twitcher Teams

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