Date: 1/6/21 3:43 am
From: Jamie Adams (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Cinnamon Teal x Blue-winged Teal Hybrid - Lake Mattamuskeet, NC
I loaded a picture showing detail on this interesting duck that Matt and Archie found yesterday and after looking at some pics online it looks good for a hybrid based on the light area at lores, near bill base and a lighter patch at its back end. A little disappointing but a cool bird anyhow.

Checklist with pic.;!!OToaGQ!_t3nLnpzgo7cRuxCg4TkfcBajBuLOwq7kaQ2DqocoIhLwCFxKKfe1NyHMoPZECBYTV4$ <;!!OToaGQ!_t3nLnpzgo7cRuxCg4TkfcBajBuLOwq7kaQ2DqocoIhLwCFxKKfe1NyHMoPZECBYTV4$ >

Jamie Adams
Wilmington, NC
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