Date: 1/5/21 6:45 pm
From: pumpkinn8 <pumpkinn8...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Urgently Seeking Advice: Caltrans plans to remove trees supporting established roost of birds in Burlingame
As confirmed by a regular Penbird member, Penbird allows for posting
conservation issues pertaining specifically to the birds of the Peninsula.
Therefore, I am posting this message with the hope that someone in the
birding community might have some advice.

Caltrans is trying to push through a project that could effectively remove
a great majority of the Eucalyptus trees located along El Camino,
throughout the entire city of Burlingame.

I live in Burlingame, along the west side of El Camino. There is a huge
roost of Turkey Vultures that roost in the Eucalyptus trees on the corner
of the property on which I live. This roost is well established and has
been active for well over a decade, and the number of Turkey Vultures have
recently numbered as high as ~90. And now, for at least the past six
weeks, an Osprey also roosts in the same Eucalyptus trees every night.

The project proposes to widen the El Camino corridor, which means not only
would they remove this stand of Eucalyptus, but in the process could damage
and/or irreparably destroy a great number of the other trees that stand
adjacent to the Eucalyptus. These include but are not limited to Birch,
Liquidambar, Privet, and many other fruit and seed producing trees that
support an incredible diversity of birds, especially during the winter
months when food supply is critical. I have witnessed the large number of
birds that these trees attract and support. While not avian, the
Eucalyptus on my corner has also hosted a large wild honey bee hive for
many years, that I also feel deserves protection.

Caltrans was ineffective in providing communication regarding this project,
including the fact that the Public Comment period ends midnight, January
8th. I understand this means that time is short.

Does anyone know if it is possible to advocate for the protection of the
stand of Eucalyptus on my corner of El Camino, based on the fact that they
support an established (and very large) roost of Turkey Vultures, and now
an Osprey? If so, does anyone have any advice on how to proceed in this

Thank you,
Joyce Courtney

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