Date: 1/5/21 1:46 pm
From: Alfred Maley <alfredmaley...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Site and Sight
site | sīt |
1 an area of ground on which a town, building, or monument is constructed:
the proposed site of a hydroelectric dam.
• a place where a particular event or activity is occurring or has
occurred: the site of the Battle of Antietam | materials for repairs are
always on site.
• short for building site.
2 a website: the site has no ads and is not being promoted with banners |
some servers use cookies to track users from site to site.

sight | sīt |
1 the faculty or power of seeing: Joseph lost his sight as a baby | [as
modifier] : a sight test.
• the action or fact of seeing someone or something: I've always been
scared of the sight of blood.
• the area or distance within which someone can see or something can be
seen: he now refused to let Rose out of his sight.
• dated a person's view or consideration: we are all equal in the sight of
2 a thing that one sees or that can be seen: John was a familiar sight in
the bar for many years | he was getting used to seeing unpleasant sights.
• (sights) places of interest to tourists and visitors in a city, town, or
other place: she offered to show me the sights.
• (a sight) informal a person or thing having a ridiculous, repulsive, or
disheveled appearance: “I must look a frightful sight,” she said.
3 (usually sights) a device on a gun or optical instrument used for
assisting a person's precise aim or observation.

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