Date: 1/5/21 8:15 am
From: Will Cook <cwcook...>
Subject: Re: Location on posts
Hear, hear! Please think about the audience of messages you send to the
Carolinabirds email list and include your name and location (city or
county and state) in every message, as well as the location of birds
mentioned in your message, if different. Looks like the Golden Eagle was
reported in Beaufort Co., NC, but it would be helpful to include that in
the subject line for easier scanning for folks in SC.

Please review the Carolinabirds guidelines for more info:;!!OToaGQ!5fXepo06n9FeOvSWDOYZVxRzjooCAHWNtgawmhcvW5IGAVGzkc4Y6w7e9mw3I4V628E$


Will Cook - Durham, NC

On 1/5/2021 11:02 AM, Christopher Hill (via carolinabirds Mailing List)
> Not to pick on Lester Coble who is getting the word out about birds people are interested in, but for Carolinabirds posters in general, I’ll remind you that even though we can all presumably google street names and stuff, there are readers from more than two states on this listserve (and there is a Beaufort county in each) and it is very helpful to include locations recognizable to people who may never have been in your neighborhood. And if you sign your post with your own location that often helps.
> I initially assumed the Golden Eagle was in Beaufort County, SC, and I didn’t recognize “Bay City” but eventually figured it was in NC. I didn’t have a clue about where the previous post was discussing.
> Chris Hill
> Conway, SC

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