Date: 1/4/21 9:47 am
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Subject: Re: Deflated, but makes since and very glad to know th...
A couple of counties over, we had an Egyptian Goose a few years ago show up
at the campus pond at Gardner-Webb, in southwestern Cleveland County, NC.
It stuck around for a while. Certainly not particularly wild in its
behavior, along with the mallards of wild and non-wild feather pattern, the
Canada geese, a few farm geese, and the generally brownish muscovies. The
muscovies are breeding.

On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 10:35 AM Simon Thompson <carolinabirds...>

> Thanks Mike and Kent
> I have been wondering where our Buncombe County, NC Egyptian Geese have
> been coming from and I doubt very much if there's a local wildfowl park
> from where they keep escaping. Our local population varies a little, but
> there are 4-6 birds around Lake Julian Park and at other localities in the
> county. Birds have paired off, but no evidence of nesting has been
> recorded.......yet!
> As to where these birds are coming from; I doubt South Florida. I have
> discovered there are lots of reports on eBird from Sparta in Central
> Georgia. I believe there is a turf farm (not open for visitors) where there
> have been over 20 birds reported on multiple occasions since 2017. It's
> only 165 miles (as the goose flies) from Sparta to Asheville, so it's not
> unreasonable to believe our birds originate from this GA population. It
> would certainly be easier to find out this information if all of the
> reports were in eBird from Georgia to the Carolinas. It's probably only a
> matter of time before they are widespread throughout the southeast. I doubt
> if they would have any problem with the weather here in the winter as they
> are now common and widespread in most of western Europe.
> I for one enjoy seeing them as they're an attractive addition to our local
> avifauna.
> Simon
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