Date: 1/4/21 8:34 am
From: Will Cook <cwcook...>
Subject: Re: unsubscribe
To *unsubscribe*, send a message to <sympa...> with this text in the
body of the message (leave the subject line blank):

unsubscribe carolinabirds

To *suspend mail*, for example when you go on vacation, send a command
to <sympa...>

set carolinabirds nomail

When you return, reactive your subscription by sending a command

set carolinabirds mail

More information:;!!OToaGQ!8e-WjYs4nUY7aZWManlzI4phFw6E0twYX9k1mMMef4CyA_KVr1hCRoDe_Im5iPoOZXY$

Will Cook - Durham, NC

On 1/4/2021 9:23 AM, Beard, James wrote:

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