Date: 1/3/21 7:45 pm
From: Jennifer Frost -Dunbarton <jennfrost67...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Window strikes
I wanted to share that I had a lot of window strikes in the late fall when
I had to move my feeders closer to the house for winter. I have tried many
suggestions, like window clings but I was experiencing strikes daily which
appeared to be from the reflection of the trees in the outside windows. I
decided to put the outdoor screens back up on the kitchen window and French
doors which faced the feeders. The birds are still occasionally hitting
these windows but with the screens in place when they hit the screen
they bounce off now! So I suggest putting your screens back in your
windows this winter.
An added bonus is being able to open the windows for a few minutes daily as
recommended for some air circulation with Covid around.
Jennifer, Dunbarton

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