Date: 1/3/21 5:23 pm
From: Matthew Dodder <mdodder...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] January 3rd... FOY birds
I birded alone today because Cricket had to prepare lessons for her 3rd grade class… so, like most teachers she works even during vacation. I began by visiting the Percolation Ponds off Bubb Road in Cupertino where, as Brooke had posted, it was filled with Ducks! HOODED MERGANSERS are my favorite and there were plenty of those, as well as COMMON MERGANSERS and even more RING-NECKED DUCKS—all new for the year! It’s hard to believe this little pond can be so full of birds!

Next I visited McClellan Ranch to check the feeders. Unexpectedly there were a couple of AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES in the area as well LESSE GOLFINCHES and all the Zonotrichias. Still no sign of the White-throated Sparrow though. The spectacular all-dark chocolate RED-TAILED HAWK (100% cacao) was perched right above the driveway. It’s worth the visit alone to see this beautiful stygian hawk. STELLER’S JAY, SPOTTED TOWHEE, and HAIRY WOODPECKER were also “FOY"

From there I visited Picchetti Ranch OSP and found 3 CALIFORNIA THRASHERS, and 4-5 VARIED THRUSH (also my favorite). Their song was faintly audible from the small wooden bridge after the pond. With some patience, I was able to see two of the singing birds. Haunting sounds.

A quick jaunt up to the Stevens Creek Cooley Picnic Area produced a RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER on the same pockmarked tree I saw it last year at this time—just a few feet from the restrooms. It was well worth stopping at the Lakeshore Picnic Area because the dry reservoir looks positively cavernous! Still a COMMON MERGANSER was posed on the shore and a SPOTTED SANDPIPER flew in from somewhere and walked along beside it.

Cuesta Park is a dependable place for PYGMY NUTHATCH and there were several in the pines near the pool area. And a pre-lunch visit to the Sunnyvale Community Center off Remington did not disappoint. The three immature SNOW GEESE were foraging on the lawn beside the water, just 10 feet from a family having a picnic on the grass.

After a lunch at home I visited Shoreline Park and failed to find the Barrow’s Goldeneye, but did see a LESSER YELLOWLEGS waling along the edges not far from its much larger cousin, a GREATER YELLOWLEGS. On Salt Pond A1 I counted at least 200 REDHEAD but I think there were many more. No Eurasian Wigeon for me today, but there were quite a few AMERICAN WIGEONS in scope view, and more just out of focus.


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