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I wandered around Santa Clara County today 1/1/2021, looking for some of the known rarities that have been around lately. I ended up finding 118 species, but the only SPOTTED SANDPIPER was on the "wrong" side of San Francisquito Creek.


I started out at the Fortini Trailhead and walked the Calero Creek Trail to the Santa Teresa Creek crossing, immediately finding the GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE at the close edge of the orchard at 8:07am. Over at the Calero Reservoir boat launch parking area I scopedan adult BALD EAGLE perched towards the dam (also four species of grebes there). Along Laguna Ave I found an immature PRAIRIE FALCON perched on a fencepost and an immature BALD EAGLE (white in back and white belly) along with 80+ TRICOLORED BLACKBIRDS and a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE. Eighteen GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES were near the intersection of Palm Ave and Dougherty Ave.


Back up at the end of Geng Road, I had no luck with the Summer Tanager, but did get to see the LESSER YELLOWLEGS, TROPICAL KINGBIRD, and a near-adult BALD EAGLE (some white in the armpits and some dusky in the head and tail). The BRANT provided nice views north of the Shoreline Lake boathouse and a COMMON MERGANSER was on Shoreline Lake. At least 47 REDHEAD were on Pond A1. The 3 juvenile SNOW GEESE continued at the Sunnyvale Community Center at 2:15pm.


Later in the afternoon, I headed back out to the EEC entrance road in Alviso, finding 3 SNOWY PLOVERS and 2 SEMIPALMATED PLOVERS at the pond at State and Spreckles. The RUFF continued near the dirt parking lot. Matthew Dodder pointed out his sleeping GLAUCOUS GULL. Despite watching the bird from 4:20pm to 4:58pm, it only raised it head twice. The bird had a dark iris, suggesting a first-winter bird. The bill pattern on one side was atypical, lacking much dark color at the tip. Seven TREE SWALLOWS flew over to the southeast at 4:50pm.


And finally, 10 WILSON'S SNIPE were on a strip island east of Gold Street at Elizabeth Street at 5:08pm.


Mike Rogers

Sunnyvale, CA


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