Date: 1/3/21 3:21 pm
From: Jane Patterson <seejanebird...>
Subject: [labird] WEKI, VEFL and possible TRKI near Port Manchac in Tangipahoa parish
On a whim, I went to check for possible vagrant flycatchers near Pass
Manchac this afternoon. They seem to like that location for some reason.
And, voila! there they were. Found one Western Kingbird, a female-type
Vermillion flycatcher and a possible Tropical Kingbird. I entered it as a
TRKI/COKI until I can (hopefully) get a voice recording. I played TRKI call
on phone and bird reacted, but not as expected. It *immediately* dove into
a shrub. I am pretty sure I heard it call at that point but I couldn't see
the bird to verify its mouth was moving :)

All 3 birds are near the front of the Port Manchac facility on hwy 51
north of Middendorfs, sometimes on the wires, sometimes on the lower
vegetation between road and tracks, sometimes in the tallow trees in back.
Scope suggested.

Photos attached. Other photos on ebird checklist:

--Jane Patterson

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