Date: 1/3/21 2:51 pm
From: Jake Kirkland <kirklandj...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Memorial Park & Cloverdale Rd CBC
Reporting of my solo CBC since I missed the Zoom count dinner.

I owled Cloverdale Rd <> from 5am-7am
Saturday morning. I heard one WESTERN SCREECH OWL give one series of calls
when I got out of my car near a bridge over Pescadero Creek. It did not
call back to tapes at all. I also saw (2) GREAT HORNED OWLS that were
certainly different birds. GPS coordinates in my ebird list. One was
perched on a short fence and the other on a power pole. Both flushed in my
car headlights. I stopped and played calls at about 6 different spots along
the route and didn't get a single call back to any species I tried. There
was a steady rain that probably affected how far the sound would carry and
how many owls were active.

I had a group of (4) CALIFORNIA QUAIL on Pescadero Creek Rd
<>. on my way from owling to Memorial

Finally, I birded Memorial Park <> from
9:26am for 3hrs and 22 minutes. I covered 7 miles on foot. The park was
closed to the public but we were able to get in with a permit. Thank you to
the county and Carol Masterson. My time included some stationary time at
the Wurr St. Bridge where a trail I was on popped out at. There all I did
was dip on the American Dipper . That wasn't the only dip either. I also
dipped on Pileated Woodpecker and any waterfowl in the creek at all. I did
have a nice (1) BELTED KINGFISHER over Pescadero Creek deep in the park for
a brief flyby. The best birds might have been (4) VARIED THRUSH. Otherwise
see which would end with the most individuals. The juncos ended up
prevailing 117-107 although they are easier to count at eye level rather
than high in the redwoods so there may have actually been more chickadees.
Overall, the usually quiet redwood forest was EXTREMELY quiet (only 15
species) in the rain that never really let up. I kept hoping the sun would
poke out and the birds would bask and sing, but it wasn't in the cards.
Flyovers were minimal in the rain/mist combo where seeing the tops of the
redwood trees was a challenge most of the day. However, it was glorious to
have the entire park to myself to wander around in without hearing another
person except for a ranger or two, who were all accommodating and kind to

Heading home midafternoon I was able to wave out my car window to Joshua,
Kent, and Casey as they biked on Pescadero Rd. during a wonderful day of
birding. I have to admit that I was glad to have changed into drier clothes
as I passed by the water-slogged and muddy trio.

Good Birding
Jake Kirkland
East Palo Alto
Jake Kirkland Ph.D
Gerald Crabtree Lab
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Stanford University

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