Date: 1/3/21 12:47 pm
From: Paul Anderson <fishoak...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Christmas Bird Count results

I've been tallying the numbers from the Christmas Bird Count that was held
on New Year's Day. We're going to unveil the numbers at the Zoom meeting on
Monday. Until then, here is a teaser.

- *181 people participated*, breaking the previous record of 165 from
- Participants walked *315 miles* in 305 hours, and spent another *94 *hours
birding from the car, and *21 *owling
- We had *88 species* on the day, and at this point have 4 count week
species, one of which is new for the count
- *15 species had record highs*, and two tied the previous record high.
We've never broken so many records before!
- *No record lows or big misses*, although a few species were much lower
than we have been used to in recent years

Please join us for the Zoom call on Monday at 7:30 for a presentation of
the details. Register with this link:
Please note that we already have 60 people signed up, and our maximum
capacity is 100, so sign up soon!




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