Date: 1/3/21 12:17 pm
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Subject: [va-bird] Re: "Trash Birds" or "Treasure Birds"
Thanks, Dave, for the stories you posted.
I've heard that Starlings in England are considered songbirds that are nice
to have around and to listen to.
It's pretty neat to hear a wolf whistle from a Starling as you walk by a
tree. This happened to me at the mall one day a few years ago.
By the way, I've learned not to say, "I love Blue Jays" in public. It's
unbelievable to me how people react. So many think the birds are just awful
pests and can't imagine liking them. What?! Such a gorgeous bird and funny
and smart too. I buy peanuts in the shell for them to keep them coming back
to my yard.

Nancy Young
Troutville, VA

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Subject: [va-bird] "Trash Birds" or "Treasure Birds"

Some people consider European Starlings "trash birds." Such was the case
with Joanne, a veterinarian from Maryland. But she changed her mind after a
brief encounter with one at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. Here's her
story <>. I hope you enjoy
it. Happy New Year, and thank you so much for taking time to read my bird
blog this past year.
Dave Gibson

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