Date: 1/3/21 7:16 am
From: John Dillon <kisforkryptonite...>
Subject: [labird] foreign finch update

A birder in Conway, Arkansas, photographed a Common Redpoll in her backyard January 1. There is one other unsubstantiated claim for Common Redpoll in Arkansas this winter. We’ve already had two-three sightings of Evening Grosbeaks in Louisiana but none at feeders yet.

These finches regularly visit feeders, so please keep your feeders filled and be looking for them. Common Redpoll would, I believe, be a first state record and would require photo or video documentation. And Evening Grosbeaks haven’t been in the state since the mid 1980s, so photos/videos would be nice, especially if they’re at feeders.

Just an update.

John Dillon
Athens, LA

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