Date: 1/2/21 11:02 pm
From: Paul Conover <zoiseaux...>
Subject: Re: [labird] New EBR Big Year Record
Matt, All,

      276 is amazing and it's been fun to watch the crazy stuff Dan has
been finding and seeing.

      My highest in Cameron was 299 or 300 in 2011, but it was only at
the end of that year when I saw that I was at 293 on eBird that I gave
it much thought and realized that there were common birds I'd seen that
I hadn't thought about submitting lists for, so the exact total is lost
in the drifting sands. I'm guessing Cardiff/Dittmann/Remsen have all
topped that at some point.

      Personally, I was more astounded when Rob Dobbs recorded 257
species in Lafayette Parish in 2016. There are only about 310 species on
the parish list, the parish is tiny, there are no sizeable water bodies,
and the rural parts of the parish are getting more developed by the
year, so that total was impressive.

      Likewise I recall the epic battle between David and Phillip back
when. That was a gripping story to watch unfold as it neared the finish

      So, major congrats to Dan. When the world gets back to normal he
might find himself in a place where he can see 276 species in a week,
but at least he got something memorable in a positive way out of 2020.

Paul Conover


On 1/1/2021 6:58 PM, Matt Brady wrote:
> Hello all. I'd like to take this opportunity to extend a big
> congratulations to Dan Lane, who has set a new East Baton Rouge Parish Big
> Year record!! He ended the year with a Black-headed Grosbeak in his yard,
> not only a fantastic yard bird, but also a fourth Parish record. This was
> his 276th species for the year, which is pretty amazing considering he
> didn't even really start actively searching out year birds until sometime
> this summer, when I pointed out that he had already surpassed any previous
> EBR year high count (208 in eBird in 2015). Furthermore, he missed a fair
> amount of the first few months of the year as, pre-pandemic (remember those
> times?? It was less than a year ago!), he was leading birding tours in
> Peru. So, this is an especially impressive total. 276 also ranks as one of
> the highest big year totals for any Louisiana parish, rivaled only by a few
> efforts by Paul Conover in Cameron.
> Once again, congrats Dan!
> Matt Brady
> Baton Rouge

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