Date: 1/2/21 5:40 pm
From: Dorsey, Kurk <Kurk.Dorsey...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Good start to the year--but I said the same about 2020
I was lucky to hit the coast yesterday morning with great weather and a goal of being back in Durham for the noon Cincinnati/Georgia kickoff (that was a great game for 59 minutes, but the compiler made a data error with 10 seconds to go).

I started with a dog walk at dawn when I picked up a Sharp-shinned Hawk (now known on the Lee/Durham count as a Mini-Cooper's Hawk).

At Odiorne I had a nice flock of 7 Red Crossbills, the semi-regular Lesser Black-backed Gull, 4 Purple Sandpipers, and perfect conditions for seabirds. I tried to turn a Razorbill into a Thick-billed Murre, but it made a dexterity saving throw on my alchemy spell.

At Rye Harbor, I had a distant Gannet, more Purple Sandpipers, a Greater Scaup in the harbor (thanks for the heads-up to another passing birder), and the utter despair of watching a duck hunter blast a couple of bufflehead out of the sky. I imagine that they're hard to hit from a boat, but it took a lot of shots to put them down.

Glockenspiel was on his perch in my brief visit, and the Hampton Beach State Park had snow buntings, a few horned larks, and some really incompetent dog owners. The water tower had the local peregrine fly in just as I drove up.

The day ended with a pooch walk that yielded a visual of a Barred Owl while two Great-horneds hooted in the distance.

This morning didn't yield much different, but I had the pleasure of walking out our back gate and threading my way into West Foss Farm, which had a new layer of snow and no foot prints, save deer and squirrel. I was really looking for bobcat tracks, but no luck.

At lunch the Mini-Cooper came through our yard and made quite an impression on every thing with feathers as it sat watching the feeders. I thought that would be the highlight of the day until we returned from an errand and what was sitting in our front yard? Bobcat! Tomorrow I'm going out looking for Lynx tracks!

Kurk Dorsey
Keeping my head down for now

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