Date: 1/1/21 2:42 pm
From: Bill Hilton Jr. <hilton...>
Subject: Hilton Pond 12/16/20 (York SC Christmas Bird Count)
Our latest "This Week at Hilton Pond" for 16-30 Dec 2020 summarizes the recent York-Rock Hill (SC) Christmas Bird Count, complete with photos of and info about birds seen. As always we include data for birds banded/recaptured during the period--including some old returnees. The 735th installment is at;!!OToaGQ!_dT8zGmQ5NDqi9KEArDSw77IE9COL9_Dd5XDtsRwk5nTXSKnYlBQAdf2RcuVYDHvCnU$

Happy New Year Nature Watching!


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