Date: 1/1/21 1:21 pm
From: catherine paris <cparis12010...>
Subject: No sighting/first reports for 2021
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Its great to hear the first reports! But we can really do better.

Some of you have made not only specie and number but really good

Thanks to Timothy who clued me in on tractor rolling in Rice fields. Hawk

Marge for noting her fox sparrows because the ONLY time I see them is after
some snow or ice. Is this your situation?

Sarah for the peanut suet for bluebirds and yrwbs. My latitude and temp are
the same as yours but my silver maples have blown up buds occupying the
warblers and my South facing pastures still have dozens of bluebirds ground
feeding. But I know what to offer very soon.

Nancy, Dana, Lisa and Bill for showing sound judgement regarding the

And finally, for Edge, for demonstrating that 32 degrees in grey windy
Missouri isn't half as exciting or fruitful as S. Texas.

Let's see if we can observe our birds better. I had the great fortune of
watching a female sapsucker drink from 4 holes systematicly for an hour and
a half. South side of swelled bud maple. All within 6 inches. With 2
vigorous excretions.

Sarah K. I'll write the grant. You come up with the topic and we'll take
this to the next step.

Ozark cardinals feed on thistle. With sunflower 2 feet away.

Catherine Paris
Ozark County

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