Date: 1/1/21 12:53 pm
From: Bryan Pfeiffer <bryan...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] Iceland Gull at GROW Compost
Greetings, VTBIRDers:

Well, perhaps this is a testament to how 2020 sucked in many ways, but an Iceland Gull rang in the new year by showing up at GROW Compost in Moretown today. Its appearance comes after considerable effort — and failure — on the part of various birders during the past month or so to discover any odd gull at GROW (or anywhere in Washington County for that matter). This one soared high among Herring and Great Black-backed gulls — and never came in for a landing (or offered us particularly good looks). But I suspect this was an adult or third-cycle bird.

Even if you don’t manage to locate an Iceland Gull, GROW is now hosting (when the gulls are there) all age classes of Herring Gull. Sorting through them ain't a bad way to start a new year.


—Bryan Pfeiffer
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