Date: 1/1/21 8:07 am
From: Bill Bousman <barlowi...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] End of the Year at Ed Levin

Yesterday, 12/31/20, I finished up 2020 by birding at Ed Levin.  I
started with a walk around Sandy Wool Lake.  At one point, I counted
five TREE SWALLOWS over the lake plus a single VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW and
a single NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW.  (Later in the morning I ran
into Mike Mammoser and he told me he saw a Barn Swallow over the lake on
12/30.)  At one point quite a few Canadas flew into the lake and
included five CACKLING GEESE.  After my circuit, I drove over to Spring
Valley where many more Canada were on the lawn there.  With them were
five Cacklers, I suspect the same five previously at the lake.  Mike and
I discussed these and I concur that four were the Aleutian subspecies
and one was a "Ridgway's" (/minima/). These birds allowed close
attention and did not seem to be disturbed by the many families at the park.

Bill Bousman
Menlo Park

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