Date: 12/31/20 4:15 pm
From: Andrew Reago <andrew.reago...>
Subject: Green Collective Missouri Big Year - what an amazing year - thank all of you who helped!
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I want to thank everyone who contributed, making the first year for
the Green Collective Missouri Big Year a TREMENDOUS YEAR! We had:
- 53 contributors! (I'd list your names, but I'm not sure if everyone
wants that information made public.)
- 529 checklists!
- 327 species for the year! Wow!
And here's what people read when they click on our big year project:

"This is a collective of folk who want to contribute to 'green'
birding in Missouri. The purpose is to promote birding that is helpful
to birds via using less resources - less use of the car, gas, etc. -
that leads to less destruction of habitat, less climate change, etc.
Birding 'green' can be what you determine: it might include birding in
your backyard, walking to a nearby park, biking, carpooling, and/or
driving a shorter mile radius than you normally would. For those birds
no one lives near, maybe one participant could make the long trek, not
everyone. By contributing, you inspire others to bird 'green' and
raise awareness. This gives those who have the desire to compete a way
to do so in a different 'green' way - a collective way - instead of
driving all those miles for an individual big year. It's exciting to
root for others all across the state building a big year with you. You
feel part of something bigger than yourself. And it truly becomes
about birds - & wonder."

May it continue,

Andy Reago

St. Louis MO


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