Date: 12/31/20 1:27 pm
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Subject: [pen-bird] SF CBC - Area 12 - Brisbane Marina, Oyster Cove Marina, Oyster Point Marina etc.
Hi SF and SMCO birders,

Chris and I were a part a 3 team effort for the SF CBC in Area 12. Our survey areas included Sierra Pt. Brisbane Marina and Peninsula, Oyster Cove, Oyster Cove Marina, Oyster Point Peninsula, O.P. Marina, O.P. Park, the SF Ferry Terminal plus stretches of the San Francisco Bay Trail south to the Point San Bruno Park and inland to the Wind Harp in So. San Francisco. I’m copying both counties, as our survey was done completely in San Mateo County and we had some birds of note that San Mateo birders may be interested in. We had 77 species total for the day. Below are some highlights.

We started our day at Sierra Pt. Brisbane Marina with some unusual sightings for the area. First bird of the day was a *Red-breasted Sapsucker* in a Poplar tree. I spotted it before I got out of the car and it flew before I could get my camera out. Chris spotted a *Wilson’s Snipe* which flew up from a wet area. A pair of *Hutton’s Vireo* were seen working some conifers at the north east end of the peninsula there. Our favorite open field where we typically look for unusual geese, Western Meadowlarks and American Pipits has been obliterated by a new construction project.

We searched the Oyster Cove area in hopes the Redhead(s) reported there last month were still present, but we had no luck there. A *Pelagic Cormorant* was a highlight. Our only *Townsend’s Warbler* of the day was at the Oyster Cove Marina. And we did find a *YELLOW WARBLER* on the south side of the peninsula. Photos in checklist here:

At Oyster Point we had an interesting tern sighting. It was sitting with 80+ Forster’s Terns sitting on the concrete wall surrounding the marina. It was the *only tern* with a nearly full black cap. Its bill was almost all black, but showing some orange undertones coming through. Legs reddish-orange. Though it started our minds ticking, after some post-survey review at home, I am confident this is a *Forster’s Tern*. Below is a link to an eBird checklist. In a few photos the legs look short, but that is because it stood behind a concrete lip that made the legs look shorter. Comments welcome. Long distance photos under Forster’s Tern

We thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thank you Bob Toleno and Juli Chamberlin for organizing and inviting us again this year. Peter Winch it was great seeing you again and Susan Mullaney it was nice meeting you. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to more in-person socializing before and after!

Happy New Year to All,

Malia DeFelice and Chris Hayward

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