Date: 12/31/20 6:01 am
From: Lisa Saffell <lesfstl...>
Subject: Sighting my back yard-Common Grackles/Sandhill Cranes?
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I’m sure I got your attention with the Sandhill Cranes? I just had a flock of about 75-100 Common Grackles fly in to my back yard. Thankfully they didn’t stay long....about 20 minutes, but I was stressing a little bit and wondering what the neighbors might think!

While I was craning my neck and trying to count them in my yard, and all the trees around my yard, I saw a flock of what appeared to be 17 Sandhill Cranes fly over heading Southeast. Is that even possible? You might be thinking I probably saw Canada Geese, but I can assure you I spent several days up around the Platte River during the Sandhill Crane Festival a couple of years ago and I know what a Sandhill crane looks like in flight.

I really need to keep a camera handy when I’m watching my yard. A wise man in Iowa, “The saw-whet owl whisperer” Mr Don Poggensee, told me I should always have a camera in my hand unless I’m standing in the shower. That’s twice I didn’t heed his advice when I should have.

I just wanted to say I’m happy this year is coming to an end. A big congratulations to Dave and Tommy, and anyone else I don’t know of, for their big birding years, and a big thank you to everyone in this group who continually help and encourage all of us new birders as we learn the ins and outs of this very complex and rewarding addiction.

I’m looking forward to some normalcy and travels again. Stay safe and well everyone!

Lisa Saffell

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