Date: 12/31/20 2:14 am
From: David Provencher via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Big January 2021, the Rules
Here are the rules for participating in the Big January 2021 COA/CT Bird
Atlas Late Winter Surveys competition:

Points are scored by performing 1 hour winter surveys in specified blocks
in accord with the protocol described here:
The survey period is January 1st through January 31st, 2021. The surveys
must be received by the Atlas Team by February 10th. Any surveys received
after this date will unfortunately be ineligible for inclusion in the
points totals. A 1 hour survey performed in a block with *less than 20%
effort complete is worth 2 points*. A 1 hour survey performed in a block
with *between 20% effort complete and 50% effort complete is worth 1 point*
. Chris Elphick will post a map of eligible blocks on the atlas blog

Surveys can be submitted either by eBird checklist (preferred, and remember
to *share the checklist* with CT Bird Atlas), a scanned copy of the atlas
form emailed to <ctbirdatlasdata...>, or mailed hard copy via USPS
(address is on the data form, which can be found on the atlas website.) In
order for the surveys to be tabulated for points, *the survey date, time,
and block number (not the bird data collected) must be emailed to
<hikerbirder1...> <hikerbirder1...> or mailed to Dave
Provencher, 11 Ortega Drive, Preston, CT. 06365.*

The block's completion level is held static at its current late winter
percentage and will not change throughout the month of January for purposes
of the competition. That is to say if a block is at 10% completion at the
start of the month and it gets 8 surveys during the month it will still be
considered at 10% completion on January 31st. This is to avoid "Moving
targets" for point values. Any surveys performed in blocks with greater
than 50% effort complete are not awarded points for the purpose of this
competition but are greatly appreciated by the team of course! The effort
is statewide and anyone can perform a survey in any eligible block. It does
not matter if the block is "Closed" or "Open," and we hope all block lead
observers understand the need for data to be collected as the end of the
project approaches.

Awards: All eligible surveys received by February 10th will be tabulated
and winners will be announced by February 20th, 2021. The awards are as
Greatest overall point total will receive the Vortex 8x42 Diamondback
binoculars and 1 copy of "All the Birds of the World." The second most
points will receive 1 copy of "All the birds of the World." The most points
tallied by a "young birder" (aged between 11 years and 19 years on January
1st, 2021) will receive 1 copy of "All the Birds of the World," and a
signed print of this year's junior winner's CT Duck Stamp. Any point total
ties will be decided by blind draw from a hat. Finally, 2 copies of "All
the Birds of the World," and 2 additional signed prints of this year's
junior winner's CT Duck Stamp will be awarded by random draw from among the
remaining participants who have *performed a minimum of five 1 hour surveys
during the competition period.*

Once again COA and the Atlas team would like to extend our deepest
appreciation to the anonymous donor who contributed so much to the awards
available for this competition. Additional awards have been provided by COA
and Atlas Team members.

Okay everyone, shortly it will be January 1, 2021. Time to make "Big
January, 2021" truly count!

Dave Provencher
COA and The CT Atlas Team
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