Date: 12/30/20 8:45 pm
From: Matt S. <accipiter22...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] 12/30/2020 Lancaster Yellow-Throated Warbler Continues
Hi All,

The yellow-throated warbler is still continuing. I took a drive out there
today and spoke with the owner, such a nice person, I feel like we should
pool some money for a seed donation or something for her ample number of
feeders. I noticed that the warbler was coming every 20 minutes or so,
then flying into some woods across the street, and back a ways. When I
looked through the woods I realized I was looking into someone else's yards
with feeders set up. I think the warbler was bouncing back and forth
between them. There was also a small group of bluebirds there as well,
quite vibrant, I assume from the good diet provided.

That's All For Now,

Matt S.
Newton, MA
Accipiter22 @

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