Date: 12/30/20 4:30 pm
From: Valerie Burdette <sailorgirl978...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] seeking info on pond by Argilla-Northgate-Essex fields (Ipswich)
I'm looking for information on a pond referenced in an ebird checklist,
either in or near the Argilla-Northgate-Essex road field complex in
Ipswich. I've viewed geese here from the roads before, from several
vantage points, but I am not familiar with ponds other than a small one on
Heartbreak Road. I stopped by these fields today and didn't find a pond
that could hold 600-700 geese. (There were just 4 geese on the fields, but
150 flying over, most heading west.) I read in this checklist a reference
to a "pond down the lane" with 600-700 geese (Canadas and one snow goose),
on 12/29:
Can anyone provide tips?
-Valerie Burdette
Bolton, MA

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