Date: 12/30/20 6:21 am
From: John and Fritzie Blizzard <job121830...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Snow geese over Unions Springs, NY ... tens of thousands
For 1/2 hr. now, almost non-stop, we've been watching huge skeins of
snow geese up high, coming from the SW & going NE. In all my yrs. here I
have never had this many "at one time", so to speak. Where are they
coming from? Where are they going at 8:40-9:15 a.m.?

Thirty yrs. ago we used to see humongous flocks of Canadas but with
changes in corn harvesting techniques & fewer grain fields, we no longer
see those numbers. Now it's snow geese.

Fritzie Blizzard


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