Date: 12/30/20 6:13 am
From: Renee Grebe <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender grebebird for DMARC)
Subject: [va-bird] Common Goldeneye @ Occoquan Bay NWR
We took a nice long walk all around Occoquan Bay NWR on Tuesday morning and the most exciting bird we saw was a Common Goldeneye, around 10:45am, close-ish to shore, mid-way between Charlie and Easy Roads, off the Deephole Point Road. It was loosely associating with a raft of ~30 ruddy ducks.
Other noteworthy bird species seen on our walk included:
- Lots of scaup (sp)

- We saw one on land, behind one of the duck blinks mid-way/north on Deephole Point Road. We couldn't tell if it was injured, but it seemed highly unusual to be on land. It seemed to hunker down in between debris - we didn't want to further harass it.

- Ruddy ducks
- Pied billed grebes
- Turkeys
- Golden crowned kinglets
- Ruby crowned kinglets
- Thrasher
- Hermit Thrush
- 4 species of sparrow (Field, Song, White-throated, Swamp)
- Cedar waxwings
- Several bald eagles
- A white plastic bag at the very top of a tree which we tried to make into a snowy owl (it was not - lol)
-Renee Grebe Alexandria, VA

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