Date: 12/30/20 3:38 am
From: Rowe, Richard A, 'Dick' <RoweRA...>
Subject: [va-bird] Evening Grosbeaks and Pine Siskins in Amherst Co.
Yesterday, my daughter, Lucy, and I headed over to Amherst Co to a friend's house who has had Evening Grosbeaks and Pine Siskins at her feeders for several weeks. Laura is a member of the Rockbridge County Bird Club who is the conservation biologist at Lynchburg University. On Monday, John Pancake contacted me to let me know that he had been to Laura's and that there were about 40 Evening Grosbeaks and 10 Pine Siskins visiting the feeders. John said that the "trees were dripping with birds", which I took to be a little poetic license, but John was absolutely correct! There are many different species of birds and 3 friendly dogs at Laura's. The birds didn't sit high in the trees to be admired, they came down to Laura's many feeders and posed very nicely.
I have up-loaded some photos of the Grosbeaks and Siskins to my Flickr site. You'll see that the birds allowed us very good viewing and up-close photographing::

Laura is gracious enough to allow other birder to come and visit. She asks that you contact her first so that she can be home and give you status of the EVGR. Her contact info:

Laura Henry-Stone
540 - 817-0285<tel:540%20-%20817-0285>

Dick Rowe
VMI Biology Dept

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