Date: 12/29/20 5:41 pm
From: Brian K via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] My big owl year 2021 (hope to finish, this time)
Greetings all.

Not sure if any of you remember, in 2017 I tried to see and photograph
(ethically) all 19 North American Owls. I fell 3 short that year. Boreal,
Spotted and Flammulated. I hoped to write a book as I had amazing
experiences trying to find them, but I was also on a big time constraint
due to my job, had NO plan in place and went to states I'd never been too.
Never completing the task, I never put the book together, but I remember
every detail of that year.

Fast forward to 2021. My job is gone until at least September. I have all
the time I need now and in the last 2 years have found those missing Owl
species to finish them all, in general. I took several more trips out west
and I now know where to find everything, but I plan on taking it further
(I'm thinking subspecies of Spotted). So a few weeks ago I decided, once
again, I am going to try to see and photograph (ethically) all 19 North
American Owl species. This time I will take all the time I need, my book
will be written and it will have a "redemption" story to go with it. I
also plan on putting together a presentation of my journey that I would
make available to any birding, photography or conservation group that wants
to hear about my journey.

I am reaching out though with the hopes of a little help. I know owls are
a special encounter and fully understand keeping their locations secret.
Species such as Long-eared, Saw-whet (in a sense), Boreal (crazy thinking)
are on my "worry" list. I would be much appreciative if anyone coming
across any of the harder to find species of Owls, around here, could maybe
keep me in mind with their sightings. I fully appreciate and respect NOT
getting info (even though I would have no way of knowing I didn't
get intel) but I realized in 2017, if I had not asked around, I would have
never have gotten to 16 species that year and be in a position to get it
completed, next. Any info shared with me would be kept fully confidential,
even in the book.

I hope it's alright to post my website, but I have completely overhauled it
with a fun graphic I will update as I make progress on my task, if anyone
wants to follow along.

If you feel like contacting me, my email is <briankulvete...>

I hope you all have a great New Year and I now can't wait to start mine.

Brian Kulvete

Bloomfield, CT
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